Asset Management

Power is given to your plans with correct money management. Jones Wealth Management, LLC manages accounts on a fee-only basis. No one has a monopoly on good ideas. We employ a number of institutional money managers from an unlimited universe of candidates, making full use of tactical overlays when appropriate as a part of our overall approach to investing.

Your assets represent hard work, commitment, and discipline, and we recognize that you expect the same from your advisor. Our investment philosophy and management approach are based on your objectives, which means we begin with what you need rather than what we have to offer.

Experience has proven that asset allocation is a primary determinant of a portfolio’s variability of return in any market condition. At the outset of our relationship with you, we spend a great deal of time assessing both the quantitative and qualitative issues involved in setting your asset allocation guidelines and making recommendations for your asset allocation plan.

Some of the key factors considered in determining your objectives include:

  • Investment-time horizon
  • Liquidity and income needs
  • Risk tolerance
  • Asset constraints

Jones Wealth Management, LLC can provide specialized advice for all of the following:

  • Active investment management
  • Asset allocation strategy
  • Investment strategy and selection
  • Investment policy statement
  • Ongoing re-balancing of asset allocations
  • Ongoing portfolio review and reporting

Employees: Let us manage your 401(k) account

We all know people who worked hard, supported families, their country, schools and churches but retired just as broke as the day they started work. Jones Wealth Management, LLC believes people who work hard should not retire broke.

Why should you work for decades and still have to worry about money? Save and invest for your retirement.

Why should you have to go it alone? Get investment advice from professional managers.

If your employer has a retirement plan, there are two ways to get help:

  • About half of the retirement plans in America offer the option to have an outside institutional money manager directly manage your funds. In your list of available investments, look for “Self-directed Option,” “Brokerage Link,” “Personal Choice Retirement Account,” or “Brokerage Window.”
  • If you don’t see those choices, you can still get help tailored just to you. Jones Wealth Management, LLC can give you specific advice, based on your needs, on how to invest in your 401(k) plan.

If you are not covered by a company retirement plan:

You may be eligible for IRAs, Roth IRAs or other retirement vehicles. If you are self-employed, you could be able to have the same advantages of a 401(k) that employees of large companies enjoy.